The Eiche – the company

The "Deutsche Eiche" hotel was built in 1864 and probably received its name after the founding of the German Reich in the years 1870/71.
Starting in about the 1950s, the "Eiche" became a meeting place for artists, gays, lesbians, and also guests who tend to see this scene as an enrichment of society.

The new owners gently renovated the hotel starting in 1995. The finest men's sauna in Bavaria was created in the rear buildings. Ecological aspects were always taken into consideration. For example, the waste heat from the cold stores is used for water heating; the shower water is treated and used to flush the toilets.

The Bathhouse . was already expanded in 1997. In the spring of 1998, the restaurant finally received its new appearance. The kitchen was expanded and updated to the latest technical standard. The successful mixture of tradition und modernity makes it possible for guests to feel comfortable.

Since 2005, the hotel rooms have once again been elaborately renovated and modernized. These efforts were rewarded with the 3 Stars Superior for Designer Hotels.

Anyone who is in the city for the first time and would like to know about the current calendar, possibilities for going out, and events of the scene can ask our receptionists for comprehensive information. Advantage: The hotel is open around the clock.