Watch videos of the Munich gay scene

Party and joy: LGBT street festival at Glockenbachviertel

Tolerance and acceptance: Allianz Arena with rainbow enlightment

About Munich and the gay scene

For those who are in the city for the first time and would like information about the scene's current calendar, possibilities for going out, and events, our receptionists offer comprehensive information. Advantage: The hotel is open around the clock.

Munich is worth a visit in every season. Here is a short selection of the highlights:

  • Take a bath in the Isar

    There is no other large city in the World that offers a wild mountain river in which one can bathe.

  • A permanent wave

    A permanent wave on one of the lateral branches of the Isar River is a unique point of attraction for sports fans and spectators.

  • English Garden

    Here, in the English Garden, which is the largest inner city park in the World, …

  • Chinese Tower

    … locals and tourists meet at the spacious beer garden next to the Chinese Tower to swing their beer steins while listening to brass music and enjoying their snacks.

  • Isar meadows

    Further south are the Isarauen (Isar meadows), where the river widens into its natural state and forms islands that are a popular cruising area.

  • Renaturalized Isar

    There are also thousands who bustle along the renaturalized Isar (south of the Reichenbach Bridge).

  • Deutsches Museum

    Munich is also beautiful when there is no sunshine: the Deutsche Museum, the World’s largest technical museum, attracts young and old alike.

  • Pinakothek

    In den Pinakotheken und Kunstsammlungen findet man Kunst von Weltruf.

  • Pinakothek

    One can find world-renowned art collections at the Pinakotheks.

  • Pinakothek

    One can find world-renowned art collections at the Pinakotheks.

  • Orchestras

    Three orchestras with an outstanding international reputation attract music fans.

  • BMW World

    Right next to the Olympic Grounds is the architecturally outstanding BMW World, which has become one of the main points of attraction for the city.

  • BMW World

    Car fans can easily reach the BMW Museum from there by walking directly over a pedestrian overpass.

  • Nymphenburg Castle

    Lastly, Munich’s castles and palaces also attract an increasing number of tourists and include the palace at the Stadtresidenz, Nymphenburg Castle …

  • Schleißheim Castle

    … Schleißheim Castle and the Lustheim Castle.

Events from the local LGBT community

  • January 27 2018:
    "EICHE Alaaf!" – The traditional gay carnival ball at the Deutsche Eiche
  • February 12 2018:
    Shrove Monday Ball at the Oberanger Theater
  • February 13 2018:
    Carnival at (and in front of) the Deutsche Eiche – the first street festival of the year
  • March 2 to 28 2018:
    Stout Beer Festival at the Nockherberg
  • March 4 2018:
    Gay Sunday Stout Beer Meeting at the Augustiner Brewery ( – international leather meeting
  • April 30 2018:
    Election of the May Day Queen on Hans-Sachs-Straße
  • May 9 2018:
    Magic Bar Tour – Pub crawl through the hot spots of the gay village
  • May 12 2018:
    Eurovision Song Contest: live viewing in several bars
  • July 7 2018:
    Angertor Street Festival (for lesbians and their friends)
  • July 13 2018
    CSD (Pride) opening party on the roof terrace of the Deutsche Eiche
  • July14 2018:
    Christopher Street Day – gay pride march (
  • July 14 2018:
    City Hall Clubbing at the Munich City Hall
  • July 15 2018:
    Pumps Race at Marienplatz
  • August 18 2018
    Hans-Sachs Street Festival – a classic! (
  • September 21 2018
    Oktoberfest warmup party on the roof terrace of the Deutsche Eiche
  • September 22 to October 7 2018:
    Oktoberfest, the largest folk festival on Earth! Gay Specials:
    • 9-3-2018  "Gay Sunday" at the Bräurosl tent
    • 9-24-2018  Gay "RoslMontag " at the Bräurosl tent
    • 10-1-2018  "Prosecco-Wiesn" at the Fischer Vroni tent
    • 10-7-2018  " Wiesn finale" at the Schottenhamel party tent
  • November 30 to December 23 2018:
    Pink Christmas at Stephansplatz
  • December 31 2018 / January 1 2019:
    New Year's Eve is celebrated in several restaurants, bars and clubs.
  • January 26 2019
    "EICHE Alaaf!" – The traditional gay carnival ball at the Deutsche Eiche
  • March 4 2019:
    Shrove Monday Ball at the Oberanger Theater
  • March 5 2019:
    Carnival at (and in front of) the Deutsche Eiche – the first street festival of the year

A selection of gay spots in Munich

Gay clubs

  • NY Club, Sonnenstr. 25
  • Prosecco, Theklastr. 1

Gay bars

  • BAU, Müllerstr. 41
  • Camp, Reisingerstr. 15
  • KraftWerk, Thalkirchner Str. 4
  • Eden (gay theme on Wednesdays ), Sonnenstr. 25
  • Edelheiss, Pestalozzistr. 6
  • Harry Klein (gay theme on Wednesdays), Sonnenstr. 8
  • Jeans, Blumenstr. 15
  • Jennifer Parks, Holzstr. 14
  • Jenny Tanzt! (monthly gay dance parties), Oberanger 38
  • NIL, Hans-Sachs-Str. 2
  • Ochsengarten, Müllerstr. 47
  • Rendezvous, Müllerstr. 54
  • Sinners, circuit party at varying locations
  • Underground (occasional fetish parties), Machtlfinger Str. 28
  • Zur Feuerwache, Blumenstr. 21a
  • 8below (monthly Eurodance Gaynight parties), Schützenstr. 8

Gay-friendly restaurants

  • Deutsche Eiche, Reichenbachstr. 30
  • Moro, Müllerstr. 30

Gay sauna

  • Deutsche Eiche, Reichenbachstr. 13

Gay shops

  • Bruno’s, Thalkirchner Str. 4
  • Buddy, Corneliusstr. 32
  • Diburnium, Thalkirchner Str. 5
  • Spexter, Müllerstr. 54